the sunset

Sometimes you want to sit down without thinking about anything. Sometimes you want to look at the horizon and think that wherever your eyes reach the world ends. Sometimes you feel like burying your feet in the damp sand and feeling pleasure. Sometimes the red dye that the sun gives bathes your skin, as the only garment that clothes your body. Sometimes you just want to close your eyes, away from the mundane noise, with the sway of the waves next to you


love travels with you

When a place makes you smile, you know you’re in the right place. You take advantage to leave your mark, as in the house of Juliet (Verona). Thousands of people pass through the courtyard where Romeo declared his love. Papers adorn a wall that distills love, words that declare a passion. Unknown stories that intertwine. Maybe memories of a broken heart and also banned. Corners that mark you and that in the future will bring you memories.


Who does not want to travel to Amalfi? Anyone who knows a little about southern Italy knows that they can not pass through the area without visiting the Amalfi Coast. Those steep landscapes, with houses from the beach to the top of a mountain, facades of all colors. That can only be appreciated from the sea. It is worth taking a ferry. No one can leave the south of Italy without passing through Amalfi, the cradle of limoncello. That liquor so typical of the boot of Europe.

It even seems that from the village itself you can get to touch the top of the mountain. And what to say you have to spend at least a day in the sand of its beaches, accompanied by a fish cone chosen at pleasure.

No one can leave Amalfi without really living it.

killing me softly

The coward died several times, the brave savor death only one.

piazza della repubblica

Like a carousel. We live the play, we go round and round, we run against the current and finally we come down from an attraction called life.